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Pre Marriage Help

Set your marriage up for success!

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About The Service

Pre-marriage sessions will help you:

  • to have a true understanding of yourself and "how you tick"

  • to have a true understanding of your future spouse and "how they tick"

  • to know in advance some of the personality challenges that have the possibility of showing up and to know how to navigate them to ensure that the relationship grows and becomes stronger because of them. 

  • to know how to live as a couple, yet maintain a healthy level of individuality

  • to know how to make the difficult conversations, that must happen in every relationship, a lot easier

  • to know the pitfalls to avoid that lead to a failed marriage

  • to set your marriage up for success and marry with confidence

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Service Advantages

Set your marriage up for success!

The sessions are governed by the belief that having knowledge about the personalities of the two partners and how that plays out in a marriage, is absolutely necessary to ensure the marriage succeeds long-term. Couples with this knowledge have an added advantage when it comes to doing the relationship work that is required of all married couples in order for them to grow together and the relationship to blossom.


Ask Hazel provides Marriage & Relationship Education to couples who want to marry with confidence & a light heart. They will be armed with powerful knowledge about themselves and their relationship that will help them to breathe life into their marriage throughout every life stage they will face together and enjoy every minute of it!

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