Pre-Marital Consulting

Set your marriage up for success!

As a marriage and relationship consultant, I teach you healthy habits to resolve conflict, deepen your connection, and strengthen your marriage.
Pre-marital sessions help to ensure your marriage has it's
best possible start
  • Would you like to completely understand how you each will function in the marriage?

  • Resolve any possible conflict before the "big day"?

  • Get a boost in the areas where you feel you might be weaker?

  • Gain complete confidence in your marriage enjoying the good times and surviving the challenging times in the healthier way.

Asking for help isn't always easy, especially when just starting out, but sometimes it's helpful to just see it as insurance for your marriage.  If you are interested in making sure yours in one of the long-lasting ones,  
let's chat.

After you get married

You still have access to me!
I'm Hazel, a marriage and relationship consultant in Dundas, Ontario

Over the 20 years I have been helping couples, I gained valuable insights into the inner working of marriages.  I offer an outside perspective to help you see the big picture and get to the core of your issues.

Easy & convenient in-person or online coaching. 

Located in Dundas Ontario, I offer both in-person and online sessions.

You decide the number of meetings you need. And, whether you want one-on-one visits or instant access to the online problem resolution service.

I make myself available to you, so you get marriage help exactly when you need it.

If you want to resolve your issues and strengthen your marriage, I am here to help.

What's your
Relationship Personality ?
Are you a thinker, supporter, relater or solver?
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