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Personality and Compatibility

What's your Relationship Personality?

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About The Service

Personality & compatibility sessions will help:

  • you will know the relationship personality of you and your partner if you are in a relationship

  • you will know the relationship personality of you and the partner you are seeking if you are not in a relationship

  • you will receive a comparative compatibility profile report that gives you insight into the compatibility levels in the most important areas of the relationship you are in or the relationship you are considering

  • you will understand your relationship personality profiles and get the answers as to how you can have a compatible and fulfilling relationship

  • you will discover the similarities that you have with your partner that are helpful and you will discover the dissimilarities that are harming your relationship

  • you will learn how to capitalize on the similarities and minimize the differences you have with your partner to create more love and harmony in the relationship

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Service Advantages

What's your Relationship Personality?

The sessions are governed by the belief that personalities are both an asset that not only can be understood to create harmony, but also growth in ourselves and our relationship. Understanding your relationship personality is absolutely necessary in order to have a fulfilling relationship.


Ask Hazel provides reports and tools that when used correctly immediately shift the way you look at your relationships, how you think about them and your approach to creating love & harmony.  The approach is focussed on having you intimately know how you and your partner "are wired" so that less effort is needed to have a successful and emotionally fulfilling relationship.

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