Service advantages 

The sessions are governed by the belief that quick, dramatic change for the better is possible for anyone in a relationship and that we do have the power to heal our relationships with those we love and need to live in harmony with.


Individual counselling sessions are held in a variety of ways so you can get help in the way that works best for you. Sessions are offered in a confidential meeting, but also available by Skype, FaceTime audio & video services.

Description of the service

The individual counselling sessions help women to know themselves in relationships. You will gain a clear understanding of your personality profile in a relationship.  Armed with this understanding, you will know how to have a compatible relationship and how to experience more fulfillment & happiness if you are currently in a relationship.


Women exploring the potential of a new partner will know, in advance, the joys and possible challenges of a relationship in order to make a conscious choice.


Repeating the past with partners is a pattern that can be broken.  We will provide you with a life-changing method that will forever change the way you assess, see and behave with partners so that past patterns are not repeated. 

We will help you to find and have a long-term relationship that is emotionally fulfilling.

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Individual counselling services 

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