On-Line Dating Success

Learn how to be successful with on-line dating!

Service advantages 

The sessions are governed by the belief that the daunting dating scene can be strategically navigated in such a way that creates confidence in yourself as well as ease & enjoyment with the process. 


Ask Hazel provides a Strategic Approach to dating that simplifies the process and makes it more successful and enjoyable.  A Strategic Dating Approach provides the tools and knowledge you need to take control of who you are dating.   The approach is focussed on helping you to immediately start spending time with only qualified potential partners.

Description of the service

On-line dating success sessions will help you:


  • know your relationship personality and that of your most compatible partner

  • know how the on-line questionnaire is used to build the business of on-line dating and not finding right partners and how to use this to your benefit to win at dating

  • know how to write a profile that accurately depicts your personality 

  • know how to read profiles and identify the personality profiles of the men who wrote them

  • receive guidance and direction on sending and responding to emails

  • know when to accept an invitation to meet and have an understanding of who you are expecting to meet

  • know when to give a second date and when not to give a second date

  • will be able to identify the relationship personality of the coffee date within minutes of meeting him.

  • know if your date has a compatible relationship personality to you.

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