Finances in Marriage

Get financial stress out of your relationship!

Service advantages 

The sessions are governed by the belief that the daunting topic of finances can be easily handled with an approach of understanding the dynamics of the spouses in the relationship. This is the key to any successful marriage. Ask Hazel will ensure you have a solid understanding & easily executable roadmap for the financial aspect of your marriage.


Ask Hazel provides an Educational & Strategic Approach to fixing a financial situation.  Hazel is a trained financial advisor who has financial solutions that are helpful in saving marriages. A Strategic Marital Resolution Approach provides practical tools that you can apply today to shift the relationship into a more positive relationship with finances and each other.  The approach is focussed on having you immediately experience a more positive shift in your finances and relief of that stress in your marriage.

Description of this service

Ask Hazel helps you:


  • to know and understand the financial personality of each spouse 

  • to fully know how the financial personalities of each spouse behaves in the relationship

  • to understand how relationship personalities of the partners impact the financial aspect of a relationship.

  • to learn how to work with the relationship personalities in a way that has a positive impact on the financial aspect of the relationship.

  • to engage in behaviours that create financial improvement in the relationship.

  • to create a systematic and methodical method of improving how finances are handled in the marriage

  • to make the changes necessary in the finances to reduce the stress over finances

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