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Couple counselling 

Service advantages 

The sessions are governed by the belief that quick, dramatic change for the better is possible for anyone in a relationship and that we do have the power to heal our relationships with those we love and wish live in greater harmony.


Ask Hazel provides a Strategic Approach to saving your marriage/relationship and resolving marital conflicts.  A Strategic Marital Resolution Approach provides practical tools that you can apply today to shift the relationship into a more pleasurable state.  The approach is focussed on having you immediately experience a more positive emotional condition.

Description of the service

Couple's counselling sessions will help you:


  • to have a complete understanding of your core natures, beliefs, preferences and behavioural approach to everyday situations. 

  • to maximize  similarities and minimize differences between you to create greater ease and harmony in the relationship.

  • relay your intended message and communicate with your partner in a way that minimizes the conflict.

  • to reduce the stress and emotional stability experienced during highly-charged conflict situations

  • to make the practical adjustments to financial conditions that affect your lifestyle.

  • to meet the needs of both of you for significance, certainty, love & connection that are required to sustain a happy marriage.

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