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Frequently Asked Questions

Are your consulting sessions covered by work group benefits?

Most group plans only cover registered psychologist for marriage counselling. Typically, the rates are $150 +/hour and sometimes an additional hourly charge if you need a receipt to claim. Please check with your plan also about the minimum covered per visit and the maximimum yearly as you may be out of pocket on a per visit basis and not have many sessions covered under your maximum benefit amount. While my sessions are not eligible for claiming through a group plan, the hourly rate is about 1/2 the cost and far less sessions required with no commitment to a treatment session plan.

Can I come on my own?

Yes, yes, yes!! You can come on your own. Sometimes it is difficult to get our partner to attend marriage counselling, but that doesn't mean you can't get the help that could make your marriage more fulfilling for you and save your marriage.

What is the difference between psychotherapy, counselling and marriage & relationship consultation?

Psychotherapy is a deeper and longer process than counselling. Persons who pursue psychotherapy want to make a deep and significant change in themselves. Counselling is the process that focuses on the relief of distress and helping you to come to a greater understanding of yourself. Consulting is a service where you seek an answer to a specific problem using the expert knowledge of a professional. A consultant has specialized knowledge and expertise on the process or problem that is of concern to you. Consultations are typically a short term engagement dealing with one specific topic at a time. Teaching and education is part of the engagement with a consultant.

Is Divorce is a solution sometimes?