Divorce Healing services 

Solution-based help to provide a clear roadmap for your life

Service advantages 

The sessions are governed by the belief that quick, dramatic change for the better is possible and that we do have the power to heal our relationships with those we love and need to live in harmony with.


Individual counselling sessions are held in a variety of ways so you can get help in the way that works best for you. Sessions are offered in a confidential meeting, and  available by video conferencing (Skype, Zoom, FaceTime).


Book either single sessions or the package of unlimited sessions for 12 months.

Description of the service

Divorce is never easy and trying to make sense of it can be paralyzing.  While it is difficult to see that the next chapter of your life can be the most enjoyable, fulfilling and rewarding, I guarantee you that you can feel this way.  I will help you to turn the page from your past to your future.  These counselling sessions help women to make sense of the past, where they have come from, where they are now and how to get to where they want to go in all areas of their life.  


When you are ready, you will get to know your relationship personality, how that played out in your marriage.  You will know how to use it to realize rewarding and emotionally-fulfilling relationships in your life now, how not to avoid the danger of repeating the past and how to have a compatible relationship where you can experience more fulfillment & happiness than ever before.


It is important to avoid the pitfall of getting stuck in the divorce even after it is over.  The 1st year after divorce can be a year of recovery at lightening speed or it can be the worst emotionally-draining year of your life!  I invite you to choose to experience freedom & happiness!


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