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Dating Right Partners

Learn To Enjoy Dating


About The Service

Dating right partners sessions will help you:

  • know yourself as this is where the pairing begins

  • to know and understand a dating pattern that you may tend to repeat

  • to know who your ideal mate would be, how to identify him easily from the 1st date

  • to know if a candidate should receive a 2nd date 

  • to understand how on-line dating sites come up with matches and why most often the matches are not ideal for you

  • to know how to read his on-line dating profile and what it says about him and whether he has the right personality profile that would make him right for you

  • how to create your on-line dating profile to attract the right partner

  • to know how to assess a relationship as it transitions from dating to partners

  • to set up your dating strategy for success

Couple on Date
Wine Date

Service Advantages

Set your Dating up for success!

The sessions are governed by the belief that the daunting dating scene can be strategically navigated in such a way that creates confidence in yourself and ease with the process.  The process of finding right partners merely needs to be re-designed..


Ask Hazel provides a Strategic Approach to saving your marriage/relationship and resolving marital conflicts.  A Strategic Marital Resolution Approach provides practical tools that you can apply today to shift the relationship into a more pleasurable state.  The approach is focussed on having you immediately experience a more positive emotional condition.

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