Helping Married Couples 

Create a Real-Life

Happily Ever After

A Holistic approach to marriage counselling.  Real advice and practical solutions to strengthen your marriage.

As a certified relationship and marriage coach in Dundas, Ontario, I teach couples the tools and habits that create fulfilling, life-long marriages. (Yes, your happily ever after is possible!)


Extraordinary relationships are not simply the result of good luck and great chemistry. They require work, effort, and a healthy dose of love and commitment. 

I’m Hazel. As a certified marriage and relationship educator, I offer a modern approach to marriage counselling. You get real advice and practical solutions that get results. I help you heal your marriage, deepen your connection, and strengthen your bond. 


With over 15 years of experience helping couples, I offer marriage help quickly, when you need it most.

So what are the benefits of couples therapy?


  • With personality testing, you’ll learn your core nature, beliefs and behavioral approach. We figure out what makes you tick, so you gain a better understanding of yourself and your partner.

  • We ensure you’re on the same page by clearly defining each partners expectations, dreams, and goals

  • I teach you practical tools and advice to help you resolve conflict 

  • We break down your marital issues, and create a plan to resolve problems and move forward 

  • I help you relay your message and communicate in a way that minimizes conflict 

We do have the power to heal relationships with those we love. Let’s get working on your happily ever after…


Contact me with your questions or to book an appointment.

Located in Dundas, Ontario I offer in-person, phone and video sessions.

Kind Words from previous clients…. 

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"Thank you for all the great advice!  We both really like your approach and style with solution based ideas."

 April 2018

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