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Ask Hazel Chat Help is a new and exclusively unique service of receiving relationship counselling, guidance and education on-line. 


Sometimes you have a specific problem and you just need the solution to get unstuck. Getting relationship help early decreases the time you spend in emotional pain and puts an end to the mental anguish.


Ask Hazel Chat Help serves people who are married, single, dating, separated, divorced, widowed.

Why you should use "Ask Hazel Chat Help" ?


  • get answers to your questions exactly when you need them, no more waiting for the next available appointment time.

  • relax in the comfort of your space, car, home or office

  • use your preferred method of communication: video calls texts  emails or phone


Solution Based
  • You have a problem, Ask Hazel provides the solution

  • no therapy, just answers

  • You only pay for each problem & solution

  • No hourly rate

  • No long-term session programs



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