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Ask Hazel on-line is a new and exclusively unique service for women to consult for answers quickly and virtually. 


Getting help early decreases the time you spend in emotional pain.


Ask Hazel online serves people who are married, single, dating, separated, divorced, widowed.

I often hear "I wish I'd called you earlier, I feel SO much better now".  


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Why you should use "Ask Hazel Online" ?


  • get answers to your questions exactly when you need them, no more waiting for the next available appointment time.

  • access is conveniently online or through the Apple or Android application


  • relax in the comfort of your space, car, home or office

  • use your preferred method of communication: phone, email, text or video

  • Ask Hazel provides unlimited sessions for the frequency you determine

  • no worry about exceeding usage limits

Enjoy having an entire month

of unlimited online relationship counselling sessions for the price of one "in-person" counselling session.


$50/month for the first 3 months of Unlimited Ask Hazel

Renewal rate $65/month

(Less than the price of only 1 counselling session)

This package includes:

  • unlimited help by text

  • unlimited help by email

  • monthly 60 minute video chat with Hazel

  • one free personality assessment report providing compatibility levels between partners

  • 20% discount on "in-office" sessions

  • Hazel answers all of your questions ​personally

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