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Ask Hazel Online

Get the help you need when you need it!

Ask Hazel on-line is a new and exclusively unique service for women to consult for answers quickly and virtually. 

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Ask Hazel Online
Solution-based consulting, not psychotherapy.


Getting help early

decreases the time you spend in emotional pain.

Ask Hazel online serves women

who are married, single, divorced.

I often hear

"I wish I'd called you earlier,

    I feel SO much better now".


  • Get answers to your questions exactly when you need them, no more waiting for the next available appointment time.

  • Access is conveniently online or through the Apple or Android application


  • Relax in the comfort of your space, car, home or office

  • Use your preferred method of communication: phone, email, text or video

All Inclusive

  • Ask Hazel provides unlimited topic sessions in a frequency you determine you need

  • No worry about exceeding usage limits

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Don't wait........ try Ask Hazel On-line once for free*  

Jump on a video call with Hazel & feel instantly better!

Join Ask Hazel and enjoy a month
of all inclusive consulting sessions for less than the price of
one therapy session.  



    Every month
    Get the help you need when you need it!
     3 day free trial
    • Help by text, email or video chat
    • Monthly 60 minute video chat with Hazel
    • One free personality assessment report
    • 20% discount on "in-office" sessions
    • Hazel answers all of your questions ​personally
    • Unlimited areas of concern
    • Members only exclusive content

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