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About Hazel

My work is dedicated to helping you have a complete roadmap for an emotionally fulfilling life. My hope is that you will learn more about you and how to consciously choose and live the best version of a happy life that you can imagine for yourself.

About Hazel

Traditionally, it has been believed that couples must enter into "marriage counselling" and that they must do it together.  My experience and my training has taught me that traditional marriage counselling is not an approach that works quickly and effectively for couples striving to live and raise a family in today's world where they are challenged emotionally and burdened heavily financially.  I have discovered personally and in my work, that one partner in the marriage is typically more open and willing to face the difficulties than the other. But, this is not a barrier to trying to work on improving the relationship. With knowledge and learning to use the right practical tools, the magic of repairing the relationship woes can happen.

After two marriages over 25 years, 2 divorces and a total of 10 years being single and working with couples divorcing for 17 years plus education on compatibility and marriage & relationship success, I decided I had to help other women to not repeat the past and to receive an education on finding perfect partners.  Through training and personal experience I now have the relationship I had always wanted. I have 18 years in the corporate world in negotiations and 17 years experience as a divorce expert helping couples divorce peacefully.  I am intimate with the core reasons for marital breakdown and how to prevent relationship breakdown from the first meeting to the mature relationship.

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Hazel Helps Womens Have Happier Lives

I am certified in marriage & relationship education,  certified strategic intervention, and am an accredited iMA Practitioner in personality compatibilities. I am a past-Chaplin at Unity Church of Canada and a student of spirituality as well as university psychology studies.  I am a specialist in personality profiling in relationships and creating harmony between different personalities in marriages. I am licensed to provide financial advice. I developed the Core Nature Questionnaire ™, a tool that has come to be relied on for understanding "how partners tick".