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about Ask Hazel

Ask Hazel is dedicated to helping you have a complete roadmap for an emotionally fulfilling relationship.  You will learn more about you and how to live the best version of a happy relationship that you can imagine for yourself.

Ask Hazel

Traditionally, it has been believed that couples must enter into the marriage counselling arena and they must do that together.  I have seen and experience that this approach does not work quickly and effectively for couples striving to live and raise a family in today's world where they are challenged emotionally and burdened heavily financially.  I have discovered personally and in my work, that one partner in the marriage is typically more open and willing to face the difficulties than the other. Is this you?  I learned that that does not have to be a barrier to improving a relationship. With the right knowledge and simple, easy-to-apply practical tools, the magic of repairing a relationship woes is more than possible and a satisfying relationship highly probable.

I was led to doing the work I now do after my personal experiences in 3 marriages over 25 years, 2 divorces, a total of 10 years being a single mom; my work experience of over 20 years mediating the emotional & financial difficulties of divorcing couples.   I decided I had to help women find the road less traveled on their journey to living in a happy long-term relationship.  In 1999, after experiencing the failings of the legal arena for divorce, I created  PartnersPartPeacefully, a process for divorcing couples to divorce amicably.  Today, this method is now considered the primary and preferred option.  I witnessed increasingly couples divorcing that had an emotional or financial problem and rates of divorce continuing to increase.   I began to question if traditional marriage counselling was failing couples.  I decided to do further studies and training in the relationship arena so that I could deliver again a much needed unique and effective relationship service that would help couples get out of discomfort quickly and work on their relationship effectively.  I launched Ask Hazel in 2007, a solutions-based approach to living in emotionally rewarding relationships that can last a lifetime.  This is the most rewarding work for me and I am truly blessed to have met women who embrace change with grace.

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Hazel is a certified in marriage & relationship education,  certified strategic intervention, and is an accredited iMA Practitioner in personality compatibilities. She is a past-Chaplin at Unity Church of Canada and a student of spirituality, university psychology studies and trained in providing financial advice.  She is a specialist in personality profiling in relationships and creating harmony between different personalities in marriages. She is trained in providing financial advice and an experienced negotiator and mediator.   She developed the Core Nature Questionnaire ™, a tool that has come to be relied on for understanding how partners operate in their relationships.