Hazel solves relationship issues

 for couples that want a happy marriage..

What worries you about your relationship?


Do you have heated discussions, or live in silence over important issues?


Are you experiencing decreased intimacy?  Are you often sad and feeling lonely?


Are financial worries causing you stress?  Do you argue about money?


Are you unsure about the level of  commitment in the relationship?

What is

Solutions-based Relationship Consulting?

Targeted.  Focusses on solving the problem, rather than addressing issues in a general fashion.

Systematic.  Deals with the issues in a specific, effective order to achieve the relationship goal, rather than in unstructured analysis.

Transformative. Approaches issues using a continuous improvement method that results in significant change, rather than a general explorative approach.

Unique.  Provides the tools to realize immediate, permanent, positive changes in the relationship, rather than just hoping for improvement.

"Thank you for all the great advice!  We both really like your approach and style with solution based ideas."

J&M April 2018