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 Solution Based Relationship Consulting


Solving Problems
Saving Marriages

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✅ Knowing the Real Problem ✅ Finding Best Solutions ✅ Using the Most Effective Tools

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Mediated Negotiation
Mediated Negotiation

✅ Learning How to Compromise ✅ Reaching Middle Ground ✅ Having Clear Understandings

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Shared Education
Shared Education

✅ Knowing the Male/Female Dynamic ✅ Understanding Relationship Personalities ✅ Meeting Partner's Needs

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Working With Hazel

Professional help

Modern Approach

Save time, Money and Emotional Energy

Hazel is a certified Marriage & Relationship Educator, Strategic Interventionist.  iMA Certified (personality profiling, adaptive behaviour).  Past Chaplain, Trained wedding officiant, trained financial advisor.  Over 20 years experience with couples in marital breakdown.

Traditional therapy type marriage counselling can be lengthy, expensive and often with little success or happiness at the end.   

Hazel uses modern tools & methods that deliver the quick, dramatic & positive changes needed to create & sustain outstanding relationships long-term.

Hazel provides you with the help you need for the problem you face today, so your days automatically become better.  The solution-based approach helps you get resolved.  There are no session commitments.  You decide if you need one-on-one sessions or an at-your-fingertips online help.

How Hazel Can Help You?



Ask Hazel on-line is a new and exclusively unique service for women to consult for answers quickly and virtually. 


The individual consulting sessions are where you will find solutions in a personal setting.


Happy Client Testimonials

"We look forward to implementing your suggestions.  we learned a great deal about one another and ourselves and thank you for getting us back on the right path"

J&M April 2018

"Thank you for all the great advice!  We both really like your approach and style with solution based ideas."

J&M April 2018

"I've heard you have worked miracles."

SW April 2018



Hazel's Mission

My work is dedicated to helping you develop a roadmap for a satisfying life. My hope is that you will learn how you can  have an emotionally fulfilling relationship.  My wish for you is that you experience the relationship you envision for yourself.


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